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Roof Dyeing & Sealing

For most of us our home is our biggest asset and it has been repeatedly demonstrated that well maintained and fresh looking properties sell faster

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Roofing and Repairs

We also carry out all types of roof repairs in addition to our other services, from flat roofing to pitched roofing, leadwork and repointing – plus a whole lot more.

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Driveway Cleaning & Sealing

Here at Cleaner Roofs we recognise that your block paving is an investment, which you have made in your home and we want to help you maintain this investment to its true value.

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Cleaner Roofs – Leaders in Waterproof Technology

Cleaner Roofs has been carrying out roof and driveway maintenance and waterproofing for over 15 years. Cleaner Roofs roof coatings use the latest polymer technology to produce a highly durable and attractive finish to your roof restoration. Formulated using premium grade UV light-fast dyes, Cleaner Roofs roof coatings re-seal porous clay and concrete roof tiles and adds spectacular depth of colour to all kinds of faded or discoloured roofing materials including concrete, clay, metal and even asbestos roof materials.

Why renovate an old roof?

Over time the elements and environmental factors take their toll on your roof. From the 1950s traditional slate roofing tiles declined in favour of cheaper pre-cast concrete tiles. Often available in vibrant colours architects favoured these roof tiles as they complemented their bright, modern designs. Unfortunately pigment and pre-cast technology was not as advanced as in today’s tiles and the roof tiles original vibrant colours faded to the now familiar dull grey. In addition, quality varied and some tiles had a design life of only 25 years. Today in extreme cases the tile surface breaks down, becoming porous, retaining moisture and encouraging the growth of unsightly moss, green mould and lichens. The retained moisture also increases load on the roof trusses and ultimately leaks to the inside walls, showing up as damp patches. In most cases renovation, including careful repair of structural defects followed by application of roof seal will provide high quality restoration of the vibrant colours that were so appealing in the original roof tiles and re-seals them against the elements.

Cleaner Roofs – Guaranteed for 10 years

Where Cleaner Roofs coatings are applied by our contractors, a 10 year guarantee is given on the restoration work.

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Check now – Does one or more of the following apply to your roof?

  • Is your roof over 20 years old? (Roof tiles have a finite life span)
  • Do you have concrete or clay tiles?
  • Have you moss or lichen on your roof?
  • You need or have had rood repairs (We replace 1-50 broken tiles for free)
  • Have your neighbours replaced their roof?

If so – You need the Top Seal renovation and Total Waterproofing System
Do you want to:?

  • Extend the life of your roof
  • Eliminate moss and lichen growth
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Have a 10 year guarantee with 10 years peace of mind
  • Have a water barrier not a vapour barrier (allowing the roof to breathe)


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